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I spent almost 30 years in private practice in San Francisco. I had an office where people came for weekly sessions. I loved the work and the personal contact I made with each client. But the number one thing that got in the way of these sessions, was the client’s inability to make it to session. This was sometimes a last minute problem or maybe something that was discovered a week ahead of the appointed time. Life interfered with exploring what life was about, and ironically, getting to a session to uncover and heal stress, anxiety or depression, sometimes caused more stress, anxiety and depression. Driving, parking, taking public transportation, paying for a cab or Uber can become stressful and very time consuming for many. Life is busy. Few have the luxury of time for not only an hour in therapy but sometimes another hour or more getting to and returning from therapy. In addition to the cost of transportation, there was often the expense of child care or hidden costs of having to leave work early or come in later.

Online therapy is a solution to these and other problems. This modality allows for easier access to the therapist and to the therapeutic hour. Quite simply, it saves time, money and stress. Sessions can be done from a private office or conference room at work, at home while relaxing or while your children are napping in another room, in a hotel room while traveling, from your vacation home or just about anywhere you can find privacy and an internet connection.

But what about the problems of human connection? In my earlier career I would often do phone sessions when someone was out of town or couldn’t make it to session for one reason or another. I found that I was just as connected because I had to concentrate even harder on what was being said. I was even more focused. I find this to be true with video conferencing as well. We can see and hear each other, but we are not in the same room. For me, as the therapist, I find myself being highly focused during the session, perhaps to compensate for lack of in-person presence.

Today’s technology has made this innovation available. Consistency in a course of psychotherapy is essential for alleviating symptoms and feeling better. Online therapy makes consistency possible. Consistency can also shorten the course of therapy, bringing faster relief and costing less overall.
I invite you to explore with me this convenient, economical and effective way of doing psychotherapy. Please call, text or email to make an appointment directly with me. We will meet on Thera-Link, a secure HIPPA compliant platform for online therapy.

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If This Time Has Taught Me Anything 

"Know that you are more than your scars. 

Know that every wound that you have healed along the way has taught you what it is to fight back. 

To start again from where you are and with what you've got. 

If this time has taught me anything, it is this: HOPE matters and we cannot live without it. 

The future can be better and can be brighter and we each have it within us to make it so." 

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