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It's often difficult meeting a therapist her office. Sometimes you are too busy, live too far away, can't find childcare or simply don't want to battle the traffic. In an effort to make therapy more accessible to everyone, I have moved my practice online. I've added a video counseling service called ZOOM. Now we can meet where it's most convenient for you - your couch, office, kitchen or hotel room.

ZOOM is easy to use, I promise! All you need is a computer and a broadband internet connection. I've found it's just as effective as face to face sessions and several research studies back me up on this. It's secure, HIPPA compliant and accepted by major health insurance companies. Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider it is that clients are more likely to stick with the work and complete treatment. Sessions are not recorded to insure complete privacy and confidentiality.

I am licensed and authorized to treat clients residing anywhere in California.

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If This Time Has Taught Me Anything 

"Know that you are more than your scars. 

Know that every wound that you have healed along the way has taught you what it is to fight back. 

To start again from where you are and with what you've got. 

If this time has taught me anything, it is this: HOPE matters and we cannot live without it. 

The future can be better and can be brighter and we each have it within us to make it so." 

Kevin McCormack






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